Toolchain cross compilation using Crosstool-NG

What this blog is about? Recently I was required to cross compile C/C++ code for some ARM and x86_64 platforms. Although I have their toolchain's available with me but the problem was, they were old GCC version ( GCC-4.2 ) and source code needed minimum GCC 5.4.0 version. I have to create a toolchain which … Continue reading Toolchain cross compilation using Crosstool-NG


Intro to Cross Compilation

Introduction Recently I got an opportunity to cross compile code for different platforms like arm, x86 and x86_64. As previously I do not have any experience in cross compilation, I learned it and found it very interesting.In this blog, I will be mentioning about the concepts, which I learned, so that anybody else who needs … Continue reading Intro to Cross Compilation

Creating QNAP NAS store packages

Introduction In this article, we will be understand about how to create packages for QNAP NAS store. These are minimum required steps, which are required for package creation.  Preparation Below are the important points, which we need to remember and cover as we move on. QDK Generate Environment Configure QPKG Customize QPKG routines Add files … Continue reading Creating QNAP NAS store packages


Creating Synology NAS Store Packages

Introduction Although there is comprehensive information available on Synology developers website for the building of packages, but I realized that it doesn’t provide quick information so that a reader can understand the package creation process easily. In this blog I am making an attempt to provide clear and step by step instructions on how you … Continue reading Creating Synology NAS Store Packages