Toolchain cross compilation using Crosstool-NG

What this blog is about? Recently I was required to cross compile C/C++ code for some ARM and x86_64 platforms. Although I have their toolchain's available with me but the problem was, they were old GCC version ( GCC-4.2 ) and source code needed minimum GCC 5.4.0 version. I have to create a toolchain which … Continue reading Toolchain cross compilation using Crosstool-NG


Intro to Cross Compilation

Introduction Recently I got an opportunity to cross compile code for different platforms like arm, x86 and x86_64. As previously I do not have any experience in cross compilation, I learned it and found it very interesting.In this blog, I will be mentioning about the concepts, which I learned, so that anybody else who needs … Continue reading Intro to Cross Compilation

Creating Synology NAS Store Packages

Introduction Although there is comprehensive information available on Synology developers website for the building of packages, but I realized that it doesn’t provide quick information so that a reader can understand the package creation process easily. In this blog I am making an attempt to provide clear and step by step instructions on how you … Continue reading Creating Synology NAS Store Packages